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Who We are

Matunga Tea Supply

Since its inception in 1966, Matunga Tea Supply has grown to become the hallmark for consistent quality and taste in tea and coffee. Today, the company has a proud history of 50 years serving the best

Our products is widely used and recommended for usage at home, restaurants, popular hotel chains and canteens for brewing healthy, refreshing and aromatic tea/coffee.

Why Choose Us

  • Matunga Tea Supply has a wide range of Tea varieties with finest natural and exclusive blends in CTC and Orthodox Teas.
  • We also offer freshly ground coffee.
  • Matunga Tea Supply is a perfect choice for all tea and coffee connoisseurs.
  • Our expertise lie in tasting & blending of Tea & Coffee.

  • With over 50 years of tradition, Matunga Tea Supply symbolizes quality, health and great taste. Passion for excellence and a yearning to promote & offer world-class tea and coffee to our consumers is
  • We provide our customers with a finest quality collection of products which are immensely praised for their natural taste, refreshing aroma, freshness, longer shelf life, purity and no adulteration.
  • Matunga Tea Supply is a 'One-Stop Shop' for all tea and coffee buyers.
  • Teas are expertly tasted, graded and perfectly blended to cheer your senses.
  • Our Competencies: Tea & Coffee Buying, Tasting, Blending and Supply.